I started running about 5 years ago when I was doing a 4 week challenge with my trainer and she challenged me to start running instead of walking.  From an absolute novice I've gone on to complete 5 marathons, 16 half marathons plus loads of 10k and 5 k events.  I had never run or played much sport as a kid so I am absolute proof that anyone can run a marathon if they put their mind to it!  I've completed my Level One Community Coaching Course with Athletics Australia and helped lots of friends develop the running bug over the last few years.  Here's some of the running resources I recommend:

Sydney marathon 2015

learn to run:

If you live in Sydney - come join me - I'm a Run Leader with Boobs on the Run -teaching the Get Running course on a Wednesday night at Iron Cove! Come join me!

If you are completely new to running or if you've just let it lapse, then our beginners' course, Get Running, is the perfect solution for you. It's the chance to get fitter and gradually build your running stamina in a supportive and encouraging environment.

We offer a holistic approach to running which includes access to Physiotherapy, a nutritionist, a chiropractor and different cross training exercises as well as our running shoe specialist. You will also have access to our closed group community, where you can share ideas, share your runs and arrange runs with other community members.

Head to www.boobsontherun.com to confirm your place



For my Masters of Human Nutrition Practicum I designed an eight week endurance nutrition program.  The 8 week program focuses on supporting your marathon training with making nutritious food choices a priority so that you can get to the start line feeling great.  You will learn about the foundations of good nutrition as well as sports specific nutrition strategies to help with your training and recovery. On race day you will be armed with well trialled strategies that work for you and will help you run your best fuelled marathon!

Get in touch to find out more.


It's really important to get a great pair of shoes that are right for you - get them fitted professionally.  If you're in Sydney head to Running Science in Rozelle.  Let them know I sent you!

For new runners:

The couch to 5 K app is such a great way to get started, very motivational.  Several friends have used this plus my 11 year old daughter.  Here's the one I recommend:


For runners looking to increase distance or improve their time:

I have been a huge fan of the Another Mother Runner community since I started running.  I love their books, podcasts and their Strava and Facebook community.  I have used their "own-it" half marathon plans multiple times and shaved off more than 30 minutes off my first time.


Some of the training plans are given free on their site, for others you need to buy their excellent book "Train Like a Mother".

For sad, injured runners, or runners hoping to avoid becoming sad and injured:

Jason from Strength Running developed my plan for my first marathon.  I crossed that line with a smile on my face.  As well as his plan I am convinced a big reason for my success was regular cross training.  I do his ITB rehab routine once or twice a week.


I also incorporate Coach Jay's Myrtl routine for hip strengthening into my training as a injury preventer.

How to carb load properly

I've written a blog post, including a meal plan on how to carb-load successfully.  I remember all too clearly the feeling of hitting the “wall” from my first half marathon where I just wanted to lie down and have a nap at the 17k mark.  Fast forward 12 more half marathons, 3 marathons and  a sports nutrition qualification, it turns out carb loading is much more than a bowl of pasta the night before a race. Read more here: