Make over your snack


What do you do when the 3pm energy slump hits?  Do you grab a biscuit from the office stash or ignore the slump and hope it passes?  For me if I don't make the effort to have a small snack at this time I am about ready to eat my arm off at 6pm and start making all sorts of bad decisions. Some ideas I like are:

- corn cakes (preferably a multigrain one) with ricotta, sliced tomato and salt and pepper.  Steer clear of rice crackers they have high GI and a stack of carbs (10 rice crackers have the carbs of 2 slices of bread) and you just can't stop eating them

- humous and vegies, I like the pilpel hummous from Coles or Woolies as it's made with olive oil rather than canola.  We all need to eat more veggies and including some in your snack means you are far more likely to meet your target of 7 serves a day

 hummous and vegies

hummous and vegies

- some nuts and a piece of fruit.  Count out your almonds and walnuts though and make sure you stop at about 15-20 nuts.  These Lucky boxes are handy for keeping in your bag (avoid the yoghurt covered or with cranberry options)

- I like to top apple slices with nut butter

- if you feel like something sweet greek yoghurt with berries is a great option

- I love The Healthy Chef's naked chocolate on a winter afternoon.  My calcium intake is always on the low side and this makes me far more inclined to have some extra milk

Any other great snack ideas?  Let me know!

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