Hi I'm Rachel

I'm a university qualified nutritionist based in Balmain, Sydney. I’m also a mother of two teenagers, meaning I’m particularly sympathetic to the struggles that parents are going through these days. Between a lack of time, an over-abundance of confusing information on food, and of course, a fussy family… how are you meant to figure out what to feed everyone?

After my second pregnancy, I was carrying an extra 10 kilos even though I was going to the gym. Not knowing how to lose weight by myself, I found a trainer who set me up with a nutritional plan and encouraged me to start running. Not only did this guidance help me to lose the excess weight, but I kept it off and discovered a passion for cooking and nutrition.

It was this passion (along with the realisation that the internet is confusing everyone with all sorts of conflicting advice about nutrition) that led me to go back to university and become a qualified nutritionist. And because I’m also a bit of a science nerd, I decided to take my studies to a new level by taking on a Masters in Human Nutrition - oh, and am a proud Jamie Oliver Food Revolution ambassador and a proud Body Image Movement Global Ambassador!

I'll help you find an approach to your nutrition that is flexible, achievable and sustainable.  Find out more about my services here.