-    You want to look after your family’s health and wellbeing but don’t have much time

-    You want to lose or gain weight in a safe, sensible and permanent way

-    You’re confused by the diet trends you keep seeing online and can’t tell fact from fiction

-    You’re stuck in a yo-yo diet cycle and no longer know what to eat

-    You’re pregnant, planning to conceive, or breast-feeding

-    You’re struggling with post menopausal or hormonal weight gain

-  You'd like to understand how a low FODMAP diet could help manage your irritable bowel syndrome     

-  You’d like to improve your nutrition to help achieve athletic goals

-    You’d like to set up life-long habits to improve your general wellbeing


I take a fact-based approach to nutrition and offer tailor-made plans that are flexible, achievable and sustainable. Your plan will suit your lifestyle, time constraints and dietary requirements.  I am trained in the  Health at Every Size (R) and Non-Diet approach to weight management.

For face-to-face nutrition consultations, you can visit me in Balmain, Sydney. Otherwise, I offer phone and Zoom consultations as well as popular online food coaching packages.

Evening and weekend consultations are available.



Not all nutritionists have the same training. To know you’re in good hands, it’s important to find someone with tertiary qualifications who will be offering science and fact based advice.  I am a Clinical Nutritionist registered with the Complementary Medicine Association. I am qualified to give dietary advice.


Nutrition isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. My programs are tailored to suit your lifestyle and nutritional needs, as well as fitting into your schedule by offering a range of consultation and program options.


You’re human, and so am I! My plan for you will be realistic and sustainable, because this isn’t about short-term perfection, it’s about long-term life changes that you actually enjoy implementing!

I am registered with most private health funds - you may be eligible to receive rebates from your provider. Check your extras cover for nutrition*.

*Health Funds currently covered: AHM, CUA, Teacher’s Union, AUS Unity, CBHS, Grand United, HBF, Medibank and NIB.  Some health funds will only provide rebates for face-to-face nutrition consultations.



Specially developed for the keen teenage athlete this 1 hour face-to-face consultation discusses how to best fuel for growth and development and support their sport.  Click left or below for full program details.


6 Week Nutrition Coaching Package $195

This a brilliant option for anyone too time poor for continued face to face consults, but requiring ongoing support. The program is customised, flexible and extremely cost effective. Click left or below for full program details.


8 Week Nutrition Coaching Package $220

Support your training by making nutritious food choices a priority so that you can get to the start line feeling great.  Click on the box or below for full program details. 


low fodmap diet 12 week coaching package $350

A low FODMAP diet can help around 7 out of 10 people who have IBS. Let me help you get your symptoms under control.  Click left or below for full program details.


corporate nutrition services

Empower your employees to take control of their health by providing the knowledge and skills they need to live the healthiest lives possible. A strong workplace wellness program promotes employee engagement, which in turn has positive effects on their performance at work.


Microbiome analysis

I’m pleased to be a Microba Insight practitioner, trained in interpreting the results from this test. I can help you understand your report clearly and come up with specific action steps to improve your gut health by going over the report together and coming up with meaningful strategies to better balance your microbiome.


Get in touch via the form below or call me on 0450 524 611 to book your consultation.


"I am so pleased that I used Rachel Eagleton’s nutritional coaching program to get back on track with my food choices. I found working with Rachel to be flexible with my schedule. She listened to where I was currently, my frustrations and asked my goals. I learned a great deal through the personal correspondence and the weekly emails. The yummy recipes were a great bonus! I now feel like I have a do-able long term plan to make good food choices and understand the best times of day to eat have my metabolism work best for me! Thanks Rachel!"

- Stacie Powell

“I want to give a big shout out & THANKYOU to Rachel!!! She has been absolutely wonderful with her guidance & knowledge over the past 6 weeks keeping a very close eye on my diary & emailing me constantly to offer suggestions of improvements I could be making. I have really enjoyed this challenge esp the fact it’s one I can continue, not the generic 6wk fall off the bandwagon straight after kind! & most of all the fact it’s family friendly & I’m not prepping separate meals!!”

— Tina Morrison

“ Rachel’s sensible approach to eating and her nutrition knowledge was perfect for not just myself and my goals but for the whole family. The recipes were delicious, easy to make and fuss free. Would highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking to improve the health of not only themselves but that of their whole family. ”

— Tegan Cassar

“I found Rachel provided me with a practical and no nonsense guide to eating a healthy and well balanced diet. I loved the recipes they were quick and most of them appealed to all the family. Rachel is very knowledgable and easy to work with.”

— Julia Borg

“I love Rachel’s approach to nutrition - practical, no nonsense and evidence based. If you want to get a great feel for her knowledge and approach, follow her page on Facebook. It’s great! I thoroughly trust her advice and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

— Carolyn Loton